Examples of audio based assignments:

  1. Create podcasts on cellphones or home computers that others can access - services like Gabcast or Gcast can help out there.
  2. Learners can listen to instructor created podcast to use as study guide for assignments or tests
  3. Language lessons - useful for ESLor students taking a foreign language. Listen to podcasts given in that language or create podcasts where the students practice the vocabulary needed. Change settings in cell phone to whatever language you are studying to help immerse yourself in the language. Also listening to music in that language will help you adjust to various accents and increase your vocabulary.
  4. Non language vocabulary lists as well - students can make recordings of the terms that they are having problems with and then listen to them whenever they have a free moment.
  5. Keep track of assignments, tests, and other reminders for class.
  6. Chats or discussions using service like Free Conference Pro
  7. Send up voice messages to blogs or other Internet sites
  8. Citizen journalism - find something in community to comment on - can be combined with photos or text
  9. Interviewing