QR Codes - The Future of Mobile Learning?

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Conference Session Summary

A technology called QRCodes (think barcode) is already being utilized in a myriad of ways in Japan and is slowly making its way to other countries. QRCodes offer a unique way to capture and distribute a tremendous amount of information in a quick and efficient manner. There are plenty of potential educational uses for this technology, and now that Microsoft has shown an interest in working with these codes with their Windows Live Barcode we hopefully will see an explosion of interest in this country as well. This presentation will go over what a QRCode is, some of the ways it is currently being used in Japan, how to create them, what you need to read them on a mobile phone, and explore some ways QRCodes can be integrated into mobile learning.

QR Codes in Education

  1. Educational Applications of QR Codes

QR Codes

  1. QR Code Generator
  2. QR Code Wikipedia
  3. QR Code.Com
  4. Marco.Kaywac.Com QR Codes
  5. Code Reader - Phone List
  6. NeoReader - can load onto phones and access via bookmark on phone
  7. UpcCode
  8. I-Nigma Reader
  9. Jaxo Reader - phone and computer downloads
  10. QR: what’s that?
  11. Copying down? Just use QR
  12. Online QR Code Generator
  13. QR Code online


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