There are plenty of online social networking sites that cater to children and/or teens; these sites can be used in educational settings as well as for more general home use.

  1. ePals Classroom
  2. Whyville
  3. Imbee
  4. Think
  5. Instructables
  6. Groupvine
  7. Nuvvo
  8. Diigo
  9. Eduspaces
  10. Safe Social Networking Sites Article

All Things Related to My Space

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  9. Stalkerati
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Conversions with children and teens are the most effective way to educate them about the dangers of online social networking. Use the following resources to first educate yourself so you will know what the dangers are, steps that you can take to protect your children, but most importantly, teach them how to protect themselves.

  1. PowerPoint on 2007 Survey on Online Safety
  2. 1-800-THE LOST or visit
  3. Blog Safety Community
  4. Easy Way to Monitor Your Child Online
  5. Educational Cyber Playground
  6. Enough is Enough
  7. FBI - A Parent's Guide to Internet Safety
  8. Get Net Wise
  9. Guide for EducatorsWorking to Halt Online Abuse
  10. Help Delete Online Predators
  11. Internet Safety Education
  12. Internet Safety
  13. I Safe
  14. Mentor Training Network
  15. Obscenity Crimes
  16. Online Safety Quiz
  17. Protect Kids
  18. Saint Andrew's Page on My Space
  19. Safe Kids
  20. Safe and Responsible Use of the Internet
  21. Signal - An Article on My Space
  22. Social Networking - A Webquest
  23. Social Networking Sites - A Parent's Guide
  24. Stay Safe
  25. Stay Safe for Teens
  26. Teen Angels
  27. Trust in Education
  28. Wired Safety