Examples of text based assignments:

  1. Use the note functions or SMS functions to write small portions of a paper, essay, novel, etc. When you have a light bulb moment you can capture it via the cell phone or have groups of students write a collaborative assignment by one person starting it and texting to to another who either changes or adds to it and sends it on. As it gets longer, it will require several SMS's to send it all so at that point they can post it to a wiki or Google docs. and start on the next section. The major editing would probably still occur in the wiki or Google docs. but the advantage in using SMS is that the students can act when they are inspired and send it on to the next person. It does not have to happen when they have access to the Internet or are in class since inspiration can strike at anytime.
  2. Mind-mapping - using a cellphone based mind-mapping tool like Mind42 the students can work out maps for writing assignments - this can be solo or group oriented.
  3. By using a free SMS service you can send homework assignments to the students. Just have to make sure that they have texting plans so that they do not incur unnecessary charges.
  4. Test reviews - send out questions to the students about an upcoming test and have them text the answers back or text each other to find out answers they are not sure of. Can turn this into a game in class with the first person to text back the correct answer getting a prize of some sort.
  5. Use calendar functions to keep track of assignments, tests, etc.
  6. Use note, memo, or text messaging functions to take notes and save for later review.
  7. Mobile Blogging, Twitter, and other social networking sites where data can be stored
  8. Database entry
  9. Research on Internet via web browser or texting Google or another service